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Winter NAMM 2012

I’m coming to the winter NAMM show in Anaheim tomorrow to check out the latest pianos. I’ll have pictures when I get back. If you see me there, say hi! –Cy–

Yamaha C7 2003 For Sale (now sold)

It is with great regret that I have to announce that one of my favorite pianos under my care is for sale (the owner is also one of my favorite customers, as he’s very pleasant to work with, has an excellent ear, and demands my best work). I have no financial interest in this transaction; […]

Music perception tests

These are great fun! Try the pitch discrimination; see if you can be a piano tuner! (Our quality standard is roughly 0.25 Hz at 500 Hz (one “cent”). Use your headphones, and set your volume carefully. Flash is needed. You can replay many of the tests before answering. Some of them have two phrases separated […]

Dealer prep

I do a fair amount of dealer prep, and even took a class on it at the last PTG National Convention. The first level is dealing with what Don Mannino called “PMS”: Post Move Syndrome. This is correcting issues that weren’t present at the factory, but caused during shipment. It’s a lot like cleaning up […]

Amazing video of moving bass strings

This video isn’t slow-motion: the high shutter speed of the camera caused an effect like a strobe, to capture the motion of the strings. Enjoy!