Yamaha C7 2003 For Sale (now sold)

It is with great regret that I have to announce that one of my favorite pianos under my care is for sale (the owner is also one of my favorite customers, as he’s very pleasant to work with, has an excellent ear, and demands my best work). I have no financial interest in this transaction; I’m posting in the hope that I continue to have the chance to maintain it. I think I’ve only ever done a pitch raise once in its entire life; otherwise it’s been within about five cents across the board. The entire home is immaculate; I wear cotton gloves when I service it (especially helpful for satin finishes). I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the piano. Here’s his ad:

Yamaha Piano 2003 C7 (7.5′) concert ready. Satin Ebony, selected by audiophile, and fastidiously maintained by an RPT (me). Pristine condition and only has five years of use. Pampered in a controlled environment, one owner, never moved. This beauty whispers and roars, and gives you everything in between. Perfect strings, bridges, soundboard, pinblock; light hammer wear. SOLD!